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Web server system and method

Inventors: Campbell; Bill F. (Toronto, CA), Burroughs; Todd F. (Burlington, CA) Assignee: Inc. (
Appl. No.: 10/918,428 Filed: August 16, 2004

The present invention is a system for running a plurality of different web sites and hostgator coupon codes requiring different resource applications wherein each of the resource applications are run in an optimized environment. The system includes a web server having a web server application resident thereon. A plurality of web sites are resident on the web server, the web sites having a plurality of different resource request generators for generating a plurality of different types of resource requests.

Each type of resource request requires a particular resource application. A first back end server is operatively coupled to the hostgator web server, the first back end server running a first operating environment optimized to run a first group of resource applications resident on the first back end server. A second back end hostgator server is operatively coupled to the midphase web server, the second back end server running a second operating environment which is optimized for running a second group of resource applications running on the second back end server, the operating environments running on the first and second back end servers being different. Finally, the system also includes a resource allocation application loaded onto the web server for sending the resource requests to the corresponding resource application. 

High-availability WWW computer server system with pull-based load balancing using a messaging and queuing unit in front of back-end servers

Inventors: Colyer; Adrian Mark (Southampton, GB)Assignee: International Business Machines Corp. (Armonk, NY)
Appl. No.: 08/899,372 Filed: July 23, 1997

A high-availability computer server system, and method of operation thereof, capable of serving a large number of requests received from a plurality of computer client devices connected through a network to said server system, said requests specifically identifying midphase coupon server system, said server system comprising:

a messaging and queuing unit having an input connected to said network upon which said requests identifying said hostgator server system are received, and an output; and a plurality of server units connected in parallel to said output of said messaging and queuing unit, where each server unit pulls requests off of a queue in the messaging and queuing unit. 

Client-side resource-based load-balancing with delayed-resource-binding using TCP state migration to WWW server farm

Inventors: Brendel; Juergen (Santa Clara, CA) Assignee: Resonate Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Appl. No.: 09/103,336 Filed: June 23, 1998

A client-side dispatcher resides on a client machine below high-level client applications and TCP/IP layers. The client-side dispatcher performs TCP state migration to relocate the client-server TCP connection to a new server by storing packets locally and later altering them before transmission. The client-side dispatcher operates in several modes. In an error-recovery mode, when a server fails, error packets from the server are intercepted by the hostgator client-side  dispatcher.

Stored connection packet's destination addresses are changed to an address of a relocated server. The altered packets then establish a connection with the relocated server. Source addresses of packets from the server are changed to that of the original server that crashed so that the client application is not aware of the error. In a delayed URL-based dispatch mode, the client-side dispatcher intercepts angies list connection packets before they are sent over the network. Reply packets are faked by the client-side dispatcher to appear to be from a server and then sent to up to the client TCP/IP layers. The client's TCP then sends URL packet identifying the resource requested. The client-side dispatcher decodes the URL and picks a server and sends the hostgator coupon code packet to the server. Reply packets from the server are intercepted, and data packets altered to have the source address of the faked server. Multicast of the initial packet to multiple servers is used for empirical load-balancing by the client. The first server to respond is chosen while the others are reset. Thus the client-side dispatcher picks the fastest of several servers. 

Authentication and authorization in a multi-tier relational database management system

Inventors: Buhle; Gordon (Boulder Creek, CA), Wessman; Richard R. (Brockport, NY) Assignee: Oracle Corporation (Redwood Shores, CA)
Appl. No.: 09/369,047 Filed: August 4, 1999

A method is provided for ensuring effective and accurate authentication and authorization in an N-tier relational database management system. An N-tier relational database management system comprises a set of clients, one or more data servers and one or more middle-tier servers through which the hostgator clients may access the data servers.

A method is provided for enabling a middle-tier server to connect to a data server and perform database operations on behalf of a genf20 plus client while promoting the ability to ensure the middle-tier server does not exceed its authorized privileges or roles. In this method a middle-tier server first establishes a session with the data server using the middle-tier server's own identity (e.g., username) and verification (e.g., password). The middle-tier server may be granted limited roles when acting under its own identity in order to prevent it from performing unauditable or unaccountable operations on behalf of clients. The middle-tier hostgator server receives from the data server a credential that it provides when it needs to operate on behalf of a client. In this method, after the middle-tier server establishes its own session and receives a credential, it may then establish a session with the data server using the identity (e.g., username) of a client. Instead of storing and using the client's password, however, the middle-tier server presents the credential to the data server as verification of its authorization to access the database. The middle-tier server may then switch between clients' sessions and its own session to perform database operations.

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